Friday, 10 August 2012

In which David Ward MP is revealed as a bit of a numpty


Commenting on Westfield and specifically on the remarks to the Sunday Times of Stephen Lowy from that business, David has this to say:

“It’s regrettable a highly-paid executive would engage in such loose talk. But fortunately I don’t believe his remarks reflect the position of the company.”

So who is Stephen Lowy?

Steven Lowy was appointed Managing Director of Westfield Holdings Limited in 1997 and currently serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Westfield Group. 

More to the point, Stephen is the son of this man, Frank Lowy:

Frank Lowy is the Chairman and co-founder of the Westfield Group.  Having served as Westfield's Chief Executive Officer for over 50 years, Mr Lowy assumed a non- executive role in May 2011.

So the son of the main man - and a main board director - says that Westfield might want to sell their Bradford "development" and David Ward, the local MP doesn't "believe his remarks".

One has to smile!


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