Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Today's nannying fussbucket: Cllr Jason Kitcat


Down in Brighton the bin men have struck a blow against the rule of the town's fussbuckets:

The idea of “meat-free Monday” formed part of the Green manifesto before the party took control of the local authority in May.

The Cityclean depot was the first to introduce the change.

But managers have been forced to shelve the scheme immediately after the workers refused to let them give chops the chop for even one day a week. 

Excellent news. And Green nanny-in-chief Cllr Kitcat is left whining:

“The idea is to find ways to get staff and people to talk about the issue.
“We will continue to keep having conversations with staff to find out ways forward.” 

Somehow I feel those bin men will still be demanding their bacon sarnies and beef pies long after Cllr Kitcat has been voted out of his position.



Anonymous said...

“We will continue to keep having conversations with staff to find out ways forward.”

Instead of doing actual work.

Until he forces his will on people.

The only positive thing to come out of this is the effusive joy I get in reflecting what Jason Kitcat repartee copped at school because of his rather amusing name.

I do not approve of bullying. It is the best way to breed bullies. So my glee comes not from the fact that he was bullied, rather that he is a bully. And a scruffy, unthreatening one at that, in my opinion.

Have a break, Mr Kittycat.

George Speller said...

Kitcat? is this a joke?