Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The truth about evidence-based policy making...


Via Dick Puddlecote, the low down about the manipulation of truth by so-called academics:

Evidence based policymaking (EBPM) is about power: to decide what counts as evidence; to ignore or pay attention to particular studies; to link the evidence of a policy problem to a particular solution; and, to ensure that policymakers have the motive and opportunity to turn a solution into policy. Indeed, an attempt to portray EBPM as a technical or scientific process is often an attempt to exercise power: to rule some evidence in and most evidence out; and, to use particular forms of evidence to justify political action.

There you have it from Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Stirling Paul Cairney. This is, as I have said many a time, the misuse of science to justify political control. While there are no uniforms it is objectively little different to the abuse of science practiced by certain 20th century regimes.

Bear in mind that the writer is a sociologist not a scientist. And understand that it is people like Prof Cairney who are misusing the science - the scientists themselves are, in the main, just useful idiots providing the substance from which the control freaks of government can carve their judgemental, nannying state.


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Anonymous said...

It is rather frightening, especially when you think there are so many who will believe these people because they are “scientists”.

“…the ‘domino theory’ i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false.” Deborah Arnott

With one lie now in the open, how can we persuade the sheeple that there are even more lies emanating from these sources?

Radical Rodent