Monday, 8 November 2010

The Glade....

The moment when we spy the break in the gloom is a time of magic. Not - as so many say - the instant when we step into the glade but the time we see the sunlight through the trees. A ray of light that catches the bracken, glints off the young leaves of a sapling and, if we're so lucky, catches a beast in its place.

It is when we see the sunlight that the change takes place. That's when our shoulders unhunch and we straighten our backs. And a little smile slides across our face as we quicken our step towards the brightness.

That moment will come. There will be sunlight shining on the forest glade. We will relax in a moment of sheer joy. Life will be good.

Before we must plunge once more into the darkness of the wood.


1 comment:

Pam Nash said...

I really hope the sunlight is seen soon by all who seek it.