Saturday, 9 April 2011

Campaign Diary: Day Five - gardening and e-mails

I know, it's Saturday and the sun is shining - should be out there voter bothering! But we took the day off to do so gardening (see results above) - still managed to get some leaflets dropped with deliverers and to get a new deliverer too!

Also I've got off a load of e-mails to people I dealt with over recent times - always careful with this as we all get plenty of spam. However, it's a good idea to send a nice, personal note to people I've helped over the past few years - so I've done so.

As far as the politics is concerned, the good news of the pension changes is swamped by the annoyance among existing pensioners - who, of course, aren't getting the extra money! And it's the pensioners with savings or a second income who are squealing - they don't get all those pension credits.

Back tomorrow - after a day charging round the farms, barns and cottages that fall into the delivery round entitled: "remote".


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