Thursday, 7 April 2011

Campaign diary: Day Three - great views, charming folk and dogs

Back to Cottingley - onto the council estate for delivery. Not much to report - again a poor register, lots of occupied houses with nobody registered. This really isn't good enough - on the estate getting on for 10% of houses are occupied but not registered. Never used to be this bad - and seems to have got worse in recent years.

Canvassing this evening took us up to New Brighton and Lee Lane - lovely friendly people enjoying the sunshine. Canvassed a whole family of Jehovah's Witnesses - always a joy to doorstep JWs, partly from vengeance, partly from a wry sense of irony! Of course they don't vote - as the nice lady put it: "we've already voted - for God's Kingdom".

On a beautiful clear evening the views across Cottingley to Saltaire, Baildon and beyond were fantastic - spent more time talking about this than about the politics! Also booked a lawn doctor bloke who was working at one house - canvassing's a great way to find such folk!

Finally a note about dogs. There you are delivering - an innocuous house, no warning signs, no gates, no obviously doggy indicators and no barking. Swan up to the letter box, slip the leaflet through and bang! The lurking pooch takes half your finger off, blood everywhere, leaflets strewn across the road and loud cursing. Not good - and rather painful. Do these people not realise what their dog is up too?


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