Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday Fungus: Making cars from mushrooms

You’ve read that right, folks! Ford are looking at manufacturing car parts from mushrooms – well sort of anyway:

Ford is collaborating with eco start-up Evocative Design in the development of a biodegradable foam made from mushrooms. The fungus-based foam could be used in bumpers, side doors and dashboards. The key ingredient in the manufacturing process is mycelium, the branching fibers of a mushroom’s root system. Evocative Design has developed mycelium into an incredibly strong binding agent that is applied to other organic materials such as corn and oat husks. The organic material is combined with mycelium in trays that serve as the mold for various auto parts. The living mycelium intertwines with the organic material in the molds for five days. Then the forms are heated and dried into sturdy, lightweight automotive components that are also waterproof and fireproof. If the Ford/Evocative Design collaboration takes off, cars of the future could end up in compost heaps instead of landfills.

Brings a whole new world a ‘grow your own’ closer! And, for all those “peak oil” obsessives – this is how the market responds to rising prices. By finding substitutes – like chicken feathers, for example!


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