Monday, 11 April 2011

Government procurement incompetence - a reminder


Sebastian James has published his review of education capital financing and has this to say:

In summary, I have found that the system of capital allocation and spending which has developed over at least the last decade has frequently resulted in poor use of resources, a bureaucratic system for providers and Local Authorities and a mixed – and at times poor - outcome for both parents and children.


I believe that there are some very significant opportunities to increase the amount of schools regeneration that we can undertake for any given sum of money. To give you a flavour of this, the consensus view from our workshops was that as much as 30% of the total money spent could be saved and this is borne out by our initial pilot project in Doncaster.

I'm pretty confident that a similar review of NHS capital funding, housing PFI schemes and leisure investment strategies would show the same degree of waste and mismanagement. The was Labour's central strategy for capital investment - Brown's big idea - and it will cost us very dearly.


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Polleetickle said...

Great work again - you seem to have your finger on the pulse.

Mismanagement of finances and personnel seems to be key issue of Labour and its ministers - the likes of who now smirk at the coalitions frustration in having to deal with the results.

Fortune favours the brave.