Friday, 1 April 2011

"...pretty heroic"


According to Ed Miliband the marchers (you know the folk who trashed Fortmun & Mason, terrified shoppers on Oxford Street and smashed random windows across London) were:

“pretty heroic, actually”

I'm sorry Ed that isn't heroism - this is heroism:

A soldier who saved 30 members of his unit in Iraq has been awarded the first Victoria Cross for more than 20 years. Private Johnson Beharry, 25, from London, twice saved the lives of colleagues while under enemy fire, but insisted he was just "doing his job". He is still recovering from head injuries caused in one attack by a rocket-propelled grenade round.

You can read the full VC citation here.

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Anonymous said...

The left has a history of taking cowards, thugs and savage murderers and turning them into heroes while purposely ignoring the real heroes and denormalising valiantry, honour and good moral decency. It is a trademark of most left-wing propaganda, as is Milliband's constantly false claims. You might almost say that one side represents decency, respect, tradition, fairness and the truth, while the other side is in constant battle to normalise cowardliness, hatred, destructive tendencies and manufacture lies into truth, which is a sin and nothing honourable about it in my opinion. Yet with enough sound-bites and a tendency for most people wanting to hear pretty words and fluffy lies, they get away with it unquestioned.