Monday, 2 May 2011

It's just protectionism...


The article may be bordering on barking, may promote the earth-shattering linking together of a few nutty left-wing websites and may talk endlessly about the supposed strategies of elites but in the end - like much of modern left-wing cant - it's just advocating protectionism and autarky.

Across Latin America, various novel and interesting forms of socialism have been emerging and evolving for some time, since an earlier generation experienced the miseries resulting from the imposition of the Washington Consensus.

It seems the solution to world poverty, the democratic deficit and the plight of the oppressed working-class is good old fashioned, Latin, anti-yankeee-ism!

I suppose I won't help them to say that it's free trade that makes us richer - all of us everywhere. An anti-trade strategy will just make us poorer - all of us everywhere (bar the cosy monopolists who get the nod from powerful governments).


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Pat Nurse MA said...

Shame you are not in Govt councillor Cooke bearing in mind the current Cons Govt's plan to steal tobacco company trade marks, order plain packaging, and employ an army of Jobsworths to harrass smokers at home in its bid to stigmatise and further marginalise the "oppressed working classes" who choose to smoke, just want to be left the hell alone, and their taxes to be spent on more worthy causes than revenge against one industry and stigmatisation of its consumers who bring £10 billion in tax to the national economy.

Taking sides on this issue will lead to this Govt's downfall of that I am sure.