Sunday, 1 May 2011

A question for Peter Oborne - and maybe for central office


According to Peter Oborne, my election campaign is being centrally directed and is an insult to localism. Well, not mine but Tory local election campaigns in general:

For there is a paradox at the heart of the Conservative campaign. It has been expertly managed by Stephen Gilbert, the Prime Minister’s political secretary. Local candidates have been sent template leaflets which, while leaving space for the insertion of local messages, are in all essentials produced in Conservative HQ. 

I guess I'd better get onto Mr Gilbert (whoever he might be) and ask where my leaflets are then!

This article - and I like Peter Oborne - is a classic example of swallowing whatever arrogant cant some bloke 'close' to the PM tells you. It's utter piffle.



Clarissa said...

Can't comment on the Conservatives as the local party haven't even bothered leafleting me yet. The local Greens however are certainly working in the way Oborne describes.

GingerTory said...

if he means that we got a collection of useful templates that we can use for local campaigning that is hardly directing the campaign.

The templates are very useful for layout, but content is still ours alone.

Good luck Thursday.