Friday, 3 June 2011

Nannying planners in Wrexham want to ban food outlets near schools

Wrexham's councillors are considering whether to adopt a new rule effectively banning new fast food outlets near schools:

The guidance, which is currently out for consultation, would prevent takeaway outlets from gaining planning permission within 400 metres of a school or college. The move has been prompted by a report from governmental advisory service Public Health Wales, which found that around one in four eightand nine-year-olds in the Wrexham County Borough Council area is either overweight or obese.

Why do I think this is just an exercise in making planners and councillors feel good and actually it won't make a blind bit of difference to the fatness of Wrexham's school children?


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Clarissa said...

The only effect this is likely to have on the kids is that they may perhaps be slightly fitter simply as a result of having to walk slightly further to the local chippy.

It would be interesting however to get a map of Wrexham, plot out the proposed no-go areas and see how much of the town is affected.