Sunday, 31 July 2011

The space needed for a lunch...

So there we are sat on a couple of rocks, looking out at this view and enjoying our lunch - boiled eggs, ham, salami and a salad. Washed down with Lady Hebden tea.  And - among assorted bicyclists - two gentlemen stroll up. You know the cheery sort you seem only to meet while tramping o'er the hills. After greetings and spotting that we are lunching, one of the gentlemen comments that we had got the best place to eat dinner.

Some while later having finished our lunch, we set off further on our walk. And about a hundred yards further along the path sat the two gentlemen - having their lunch. With a wry smile one comments that they had to take second best in lunchtime location!

What struck me wasn't that the two men were chatty and cheery - that's pretty normal up on the hills. Rather, I was taken by their stopping far enough away from us not to be an intrusion. They'd obviously intended - like we had - to stop at the top for a sit down and some food but, seeing us ensconced at the highest point on the hill, chose to go out of our sight for their stop.

It was almost as if the space needed for a hill top picnic needs to be enough for each party to enjoy the view unmolested by other ill-dressed walkers doing the same.


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