Monday, 1 August 2011

...and how, Manchester, will that help rebuild your economy?


Manchester - or rather the idiots who run the place - are committing the City to a 48% reduction in  carbon emissions:

The Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy, put together by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, pulls together the various climate change plans in place across the city-region, with the aim of producing a more coordinated framework.
It outlines four headline climate change goals for Greater Manchester by 2020:
- A rapid transition to a low carbon economy
- Collective carbon emissions reduced by 48 per cent
- Be prepared for and actively adapting to a rapidly changing climate
- ‘Carbon literacy’ will have become embedded into the culture of organisations, lifestyles and behaviours.
So the poor residents of this once great city will be condemned to lag behind everywhere else while their leaders choose to further damage the economic prospects of Greater Manchester - and that means higher unemployment, fewer new businesses, less investment and a stagnant unresponsive economy.
And what in the name of all that's holy is "carbon literacy"?

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Mike Chitty said...

I suspect that are right, such a committed pursuit of low carbon strategies might slow the economy. But this may be no bad thing - we all like our green fields to be green.

But this may just be a way to create employment. Think of all those houses to be lagged, solar panels to be fitted. Of course there is the question of how to pay for it.....

And while Manchester may lag behind on traditional metrics of economists (GDP etc) it may just be able to steal a march on some other metrics that might matter.