Thursday, 11 August 2011

Isn't this the case wherever you put it?


The Manchester Airport enterprise zone will undermine attempts at economic regeneration in other parts of the city, a new report warns.

Wouldn't that be the case wherever it's was located in the "city-region"? Or is this really about something else entirely?

Ah, yes! It's those professional NIMBYs again:

Research commissioned by the North West Regional Group of national charity the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) hits out at the Government’s decision to locate Greater Manchester’s enterprise zone at Manchester Airport, saying the site is the "wrong" place for a zone.

You see building an enterprise zone near existing transport hubs for rail and air plus great motorway links is a really bad idea! Here's CPRE NW fussbucket-in-chief, Andy Yuille:

"The evidence suggests that Manchester Airport enterprise zone will likely suck economic life from the rest of Manchester and the wider North West.

"There’s a real risk that major development in the green belt in south Manchester [where the airport is situated] will undermine attempts to revitalize town and city centres elsewhere.

"Nothing in the proposals we’ve seen so far indicates how this prosperity black hole will be prevented. There is certainly a need to attract investment and create jobs in Manchester, but this just isn’t the right place to do it."

So those distribution businesses, the manufacturers and the bit tech companies - they aren't more likely to set up here bringing jobs and wealth to places like Wythenshawe, places among the poorest in England?


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Curmudgeon said...

Interesting that they don't propose any alternative location. And if it wasn't near the motorway, they'd be moaning about increased numbers of lorries on local roads.

For the reasons you give, the proposed enterprise zone is exactly where it is likely to "take off".