Friday, 5 August 2011

A question - does this view reflect the age profile?


From a survey:

A survey of 1,000 employees working in public sector organisations found they were “desperately” holding onto their pension packages in the face of planned changes announced by the government.

Teachers and civil servants have already taken strike action over the reforms and unions continue to threaten further disruption later in the year if the row is not resolved.

Recruitment firm Badenoch & Clark said its study showed a majority of public sector workers believed their pensions were worth striking over.

And the age profile of public sector employees? I can't speak for the whole sector - although I suspect the profile will be pretty similar - but in Local Government 68% of the workforce is aged over 40. So it shouldn't really surprise us that pensions are perhaps more important than pay - especially when they are final salary, index-linked pensions.


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