Monday, 12 September 2011

The City without a government - and it works


Introducing Gurgaon, one of India's fastest growing and wealthiest cities:

The city is only thirty years old and undergoing a growth spurt, so some problems are to be expected. The big picture, however, is that a modern city has been built from the ground up based almost entirely on private development, it is attracting residents and jobs and leading the country in economic growth. A remarkable achievement.

Meanwhile, we are stuck with the old model. A model that, if the growth of city region economies is anything to go by, isn't really working.
Worth a go?

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Anonymous said...

Thirty years, without someone proposing they need to step in, tax everyone to death and enact rule upon rule to "solve problems" that never existed, until they defined them as such, in order to convince everyone to put them in charge? My, my, how can these poor people survive that long w/o taxes and rulers to lord over them? Call Labour - quick!