Tuesday, 8 November 2011

So we're the 1% after all (or maybe 2%)...


Somewhere in the highlands of Cameroon or the mangrove swamps of Papua - indeed in a thousand places across the globe - there's a family. Maybe they've a little surplus from this year's crop to sell, perhaps a few old clothes or a bit of reworked scrap provides a few pennies. These families work harder than I do - and than you do. They struggle every day - the good one is when everyone is fed, when nothing breaks or goes wrong. The bad day - well let's not go there, shall we?

In the parlance of protesters these are the real 99%. And they don't care a fig about the banks. Not in the slightest - the 'crisis of capitalism' that well fed, smartphone wielding trendies are speaking of means absolutely nothing to the real 99%. Such verbiage is just indulgence compared to the real lives of half the world's populace.

The truth is that the entry level income for the world's top 1% of earners is:


That's it, in real money not a great deal more that £20,000 a year gets you into the 1% club - sits you among the world's filthy rich, among those to blame for all the sins and evil of the world. Capitalist scum.

What the 99% want is economic growth, free trade and the protection of good government. Give them that, stop lecturing them about green nonsense and we'll see their lives transform as the economy grows on the back of their hard work.

But first we've to stop the protectionism of a closed financial system, the immoral offence of agricultural subsidy for rich farmers and the shoving aside of enterprise by aid dollars.


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