Saturday, 7 January 2012

Richard and The Money Tree: Part 2 - in which he seeks support for his quest


The sun shone on the city. The little blue birds twittered and tweeted, their voices cheering Richard as he headed for the Place of Tents.

“How could those Economists not see the truth of what he was saying,” said Richard speaking his thoughts aloud to the tweeting birds, “how could they not see the truth of the money tree.

The little blue tweeting birds carried these thoughts far and wide so that, by the time the Great Temple (in whose shadow lay the Place of Tents) loomed into Richard’s sight, the Students of Uncut and others among the Occupiers already knew of Richard’s fight against the Economists and the evil of their neoliberalism.

On arrival Richard was feted as a hero.

“We shall support your quest for the Havens of the Money Tree," was the cry from Caroline, a green fairy visiting the Place of Tents, “I have a perch in the Palace of the King’s Men and shall take your message there.”

The Students of Uncut told Richard their tale – the story of solo and the ninety-nine. Richard listened and heard of how Vo de Ffon, who sends messages, and Phil of the Green, a shopkeeper, had stolen the money tree and taken it to a Haven between the sea and the mountains. And that this was our money tree but that the King’s Men had still allowed Vo and Phil to keep the tree with all its money.

“Our search for the money tree continues,” cried Richard, “this Haven - a place of fast chariots, gambling and other sins – must be torn down and the money trees returned to their rightful lands.”

The Students of Uncut and other occupiers of the Place of Tents cheered Richard and urged him onwards in his quest. Alone in the city, these noble souls saw that Richard truly was the Courageous One!

“Richard, you must take what you have found to the King’s Men,” cried the Students, “not all of them are yet corrupted by neoliberalism and the glitter of greed.  Some will help you find the money tree!”

“First,” said Richard, “I shall visit the Guilds of Tradesmen – those working men have been robbed by Vo de Ffon, Phil of the Green and the King’s Men. They will help in our quest.”

So, refreshed by the great support from the Students of Uncut, the Green Fairies and other Occupiers at the Place of Tents, Richard set off across the city heading for the Guilds of Tradesmen. He knew that Bob the Crow, Bren the Barber and others who lead those slaving in the King’s Men’s mines and plantations would take up the quest.
Although they were just workers, the Guilds of Tradesmen dwelled in a building just as grand as that of the Economists with long sweeping staircases, liveried flunkies and cavernous, bejewelled halls. The dined on the finest foods, drank the best wine and dressed in splendid, hand-made (if a little ill-fitting) suits. 

Richard knew this to be right – how could Bob, Bren and the other leaders battle the evil of the King’s Men on just the pittance allowed to the workers in the mines and plantations.

Richard told the story of the money tree to the leaders of the Guilds of Tradesmen who listened with, Richard could see, growing anger to the tale of how the King’s Men allowed Vo de Ffon, Phil of the Green and others to steal money trees from the people to whom they belonged.

“I’ll stop all the carriages," cried Bob the Crow, “we will bring the city to a halt. It is an outrage that the King’s Men should rob us in this manner!”

“Aye," said Bren, “those slaving in the mines and on the fields will take to the streets. We will storm the Palace of the King’s Men and demand that they return the money tree from Vo de Ffon and Phil of the Green. That they tear down the Haven of the Fast Chariots.”

A new voice was heard from the doorway, “I command the men who carry the paper for the King’s Men, who co-ordinate diversity and who care like nanny for those who smoke and drink. We shall join your righteous campaign; we too shall seek the money tree! The money tree that is our members’ rightful inheritance!”

It was Dave the Apprentice – a welcome and strong addition to Richard’s quest. The money tree was almost within grasp. Surely, with such a force for good, the King’s Men must reveal the truth about the money tree – a truth so cruelly hidden until Richard had uncovered its secret.

“I hear that Gideon of Tatton, the most evil of the King’s Men, denied the existence of the money tree,” explained Dave the Apprentice, “we have parchments received from the leaders of other lands who have joined the quest and who support Robin Hood – yet still Gideon refuses to reveal the truth.”

“I will go to the Palace of the King’s Men,” said Richard, “there, Caroline, the Green Fairy and others she will find to aid us will tell the truth before all men. There is a money tree that was stolen by Vo de Ffon and Phil of the Green – a money tree that could ease all the worries of the people. That money tree is in the Haven of the Fast Chariots and the leaders of many lands want it released. Only Gideon of Tatton

With these words, Richard headed off to the Palace of the King’s Men, there to tell the truth, to show where thieves had hidden the money tree. And to bring that tree back to the people so their suffering can end!


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