Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Indoctrination (also known as Citizenship Education)


From tonight's e-mail - what they're teaching our children:

With so much talk about economic crisis and reforming capitalism this is the topic chosen for a series of debates on:

- whether Karl Marx was right about the demise of capitalism
- whether economic management should be left to experts, minimising the role of politicians (as in Italy and Greece recently)
- whether communism should be ditched forever as an alternative because it can't be democratic

The competitors (aged from Year 10 to 13) will have already submitted an outline of their argument. You will respond to their arguments on the day and help prepare them for a final debate (Reformed Capitalism or A Radical Alternative?) as the culmination of the afternoon.

I guess I'll have to go - make sure they get some perspective and perhaps a little sense!

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John Loony said...

Those subjects as listed are suitable for sixth formers, and possibly brighter 14 or 15-year-olds, but not 10 to 13.