Tuesday, 20 March 2012


They named it they did and now the denormalisation can continue apace - no longer need we worry about whether it's salt or sugar or fat, they're all captured in one tidy set of initials.

HFSS will no longer stand for 'high frequency structure simulator' (don't ask) but for "high fat, salt and sugar" - the nannying fussbuckets have their title:

Even Dick Puddlecote is using it!

For sure there's next to no evidence that we really have a problem resulting from "HFSS" but that won't stop them from rolling out the denormalisation campaign. So we're overweight because we eat too much bread, pasta and other processed carbohydrates but they're not the target (nor should they be) - we head for the things that make food tasty: salt, sugar and fats.

As Dick observes that bunch of undemocratic, unaccountable idiots - the United Nations - have got their teeth into HFSS:

 50 (c) Adopt statutory regulation on the marketing of food products, as the most effective way to reduce marketing of foods high in saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, sodium and sugar (HFSS foods) to children, as recommended by WHO, and restrict marketing of these foods to other groups;

(d) Impose taxes on soft drinks (sodas), and on HFSS foods, in order to subsidize access to fruits and vegetables and educational campaigns on healthy diets;

Just as the WHO advice is used by trading standards in the UK to stop them talking to the tobacco industry about illegal tobacco, counterfeiting and smuggling, we're seeing that body moving into full assault mode on the food industry - firstly via the proxy of attacking (from a position of utter ignorance) advertising but soon health services and others will be saying they can't speak to Kraft because the WHO says so.

HFSS maybe should stand for "Health Fascists' Senseless Suppression"!


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Anonymous said...

HFSS will be the clarion call used on food controls the way SHS was the buzzword used as the theme for tobacco control. Yes, they have manufactured themselves the easily recognizable meme to get the ball rolling.