Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Do the LGA want to kill off all the pubs?


It seems that way. Not content with being cheerleaders for even more draconian smoking controls, the LGA now wants an extra tax on pubs and clubs:

The Local Government Association is calling for pubs and clubs to help meet the costs of cleaning up after binge drinkers.
In this matter the LGA is merely agreeing with the government who want a "late night levy" - as if opening late is somehow the drive for binge-drinking. Longer hours have the very opposite effect - just look at the six o'clock swill for heavens sake!

What really annoys these local government folk is that most of that new tax would go to the police (for, like, doing the job we pay them to do). And so we add more costs to businesses that are already struggling under the weight of unwanted regulation brought in on the basis of sloppy science and a downright lie.

Don't the LGA want any pubs and clubs to stay open?



WitteringsfromWitney said...

Yes to the first question and No to the last.

As with all 'Authorities' whatever we enjoy they wish to remove.

I believe the process is called politics......... aka Democratised Dictatorship

Dick Puddlecote said...

Note the term 'preload' being used in the Wiki article. Modern temperance loons would like the public to think that it's a new phenomenon, instead of something entirely caused by ridiculous interference by meddling morons.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem might be that some people placed in positions with even the slightest amount of authority, begin to regard the rest of their fellow citizens as somehow "other" to themselves and will take any bad reports as confirmation.


andy5759 said...

It is essential that all outlets of alcohol are closed and forgotten before we can adopt Sharia in this EU Region. Anyway, it's a free country, so they can ban what they like. I'm off down the pub before someone shuts it down.