Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ban barbecues!


There's a campaign afoot to do something about barbecues. Apparently they are dangerous:

The warning follows several recent tragedies in which campers have lost their lives after taking lit barbecues into tents or caravans for warmth.

It seems to me that only a complete idiot would take a burning barbecue into an enclosed space like a caravan, let alone a tent! And not just because of the carbon monoxide but more because of the high probability of burning the place down. However we need more "awareness" of the risks associated with lighting barbecues in flammable enclosed spaces - at least according to Alex Cunningham MP:

Nobody should ever take a barbecue in doors. To do so is courting disaster, but unfortunately the public do not seem to be aware of this and sadly around the country there have been a number of tragedies and several near misses in the past year. I am determined that such incidents should not be allowed to happen again, and that is why I am calling on barbecue grill manufacturers to do their bit and educate the public so that these terrible, yet totally avoidable, incidents can be prevented.

And when that doesn't work we'll ban fire?



Anonymous said...

Probably need to ban gas cookers too, just in case some pea-brain decides to decant petrol in the kitchen while the cooker is aglow.

SadButMadLad said...

Is it due to the MSM suddenly talking about something that has gone on many times in the past or is it really something that has always been a problem.