Friday, 18 May 2012

Nannying Leeds Councillors want an anti-smoking tsar


Leeds Councillors have been spending their time fruitfully in looking at the terrible scourge of smoking in the city - forget jobs, housing, regeneration and care for the old, let's talk about smoking! And they want a sort of Nannying Fussbucket In Chief:

“To coincide with the launch of the Leeds Tobacco Action Plan, the council works towards identifying and securing a serving councillor to act as Leeds’ tobacco control champion.”

Yes folks - the "Anti-Smoking Tsar" arrives! And, in the tradition of Russian autocrats, this person will focus on lecturing the poor because they sin too much:

Councillors called for more enforcement work in worst-hit areas of the city and asked for a report about the work.

You see those little pleasures - like a fag - are to be discouraged. These councillors won't be thinking about why that single, pregnant, nineteen-year-old is smoking (it's a pretty grim life on the sixth floor of a council block in Armley - so why bother about the long-term) but will instead be moralising, lecturing and berating her for being such a terrible person.

Finally those Leeds Councillors want to get rid of a few more jobs in Bradford - and to encourage the criminals - by supporting plain packaging for cigarettes.


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