Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This isn't about beer...


It's about mass-produced alcoholic fizzy-pop. But then the big brewers have long seen the traditional UK markets for beer - places know as pubs - as an expensive inconvenience. To fully understand everything that is wrong - really wrong with the UK beer market just read this:

Additionally, Burgess said that the company was “thinking” about opening up its own store in the UK as a showcase to try “different things and really immerse people in the brand”.

He adds: “How much we can deliver of that in-store realistically in an environment where we are very passionately focused would be a challenge. I’m not sure its high on our strategic priorities at the moment but maybe there will be something like the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam in the future.”

For crying out load you idiots, beer is an exciting, living product not something for you to practice impenetrable marketing jargon on. If businesses like Heineken weren't so resolutely focused on flogging idiot juice at the lowest possible price maybe we have less nonsense from New Puritans. nannying fussbuckets and neo-prohibitionists.

I hate them (but not as much as the health fascists).


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Curmudgeon said...

Wasn't such a thing once called a "tied pub"?