Sunday, 29 July 2012

Today's Nannying Fussbucket - Councillor Thelma Broom


The worst kind of councillor says this sort of thing:

“They just don’t see that it is for their own safety. We need to be very strong about what is right and wrong, not what they want."

 It's enough to make you weep, Really it is...

...and Councillor Mandy Meakin runs Thelma close:

“I know it is a very good policy to teach children horticulture – grow cress in a jar.”



Twenty_Rothmans said...

I am sorry, Simon, I disagree.

This is a job for parents. The objections are, of course, completely specious, but people who keep allotments are quite rightly anxious to keep their secrets to themselves.

Children are, by nature, mischievous, destructive buggers and the last thing you want is them seeing something you treasure and thinking "I'll have that", or "Hey guys, I know where we can have a clubhouse".

It is much easier to say "HSE" than what I just said.

Anonymous said...

Well we wouldn't want important traditional skills passed on, or essential questions about plants asked now would we?

There's lots of supermarkets, why should a child need to know how a pea grows or even where a potato comes from?

I'm sure not every school has it's own vegetable garden, but luckily our local primary school does and has had one for many years.
So I'm not sure where this problem of safety comes into it.

Presumably she is not a gardener.

Cress, indeed!


johnd2008 said...

Many years ago I used to help my father on his allotment, and in time my children helped me. Does this policy mean that parents can no longer take their children with them? What a pair of stupid people. I hope the electors take their revenge at the next opportunity.