Monday, 6 August 2012

More on the future of banking...sort of...


Perhaps more a reminder that banking should be as much about saving as it is about lending. It seems that it takes Ram Singh, an Indian street child to remind us:

Just one among millions of street children who rely on menial jobs for survival, Singh is determined to make his work pay some sort of future dividend.

"I'm smart, but that alone isn't enough to start a business.

"I save money everyday, hoping to start something of my own. Someday soon," he said as he served glasses of India's ubiquitous, spicy milk tea in sweltering heat at a stall near the teeming train station.

We've rather forgotten this as a culture preferring instead to worship the mystic money tree in a basement on Threadneedle Street.

Learning the merits of saving would be a good - and right - thing.


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