Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nannying Fussbucket of the week: Simon Burns thinks e-cigs are harmful


Apparently we're about to see action on e-cigs - the health minister, Simon Burns says:

ELECTRONIC cigarettes face a crackdown amid fears they could be harmful to smokers trying to quit tobacco.

Figures show TWO MILLION Brits have tried them and 650,000 use them regularly. But Health Minister Simon Burns said some e-cigs had been “found to pose a potential danger”. 

That's news to me but the idea that they might be more harmful to smokers trying to quit than actual cigarettes is frothingly dumb. Those 650,000 regular users are doing their health good not ill - maybe Mr Burns has had a visit from Pfizer?

“It’s illegal to sell e-cigarettes as a ‘quit smoking’ aid unless they’re licensed as a medicine.” 

Apart from "no it's not", I have little to say about this except that the makers of medical nicotine must be sweating at the success of e-fags.




Twenty_Rothmans said...


I doubt it. They have the lobbying muscle to make them illegal (e.g., Australia) and corner the nicotine market for themselves.

Only a cretin like Simon Burns could posit that ecigs will, ipso facto, stop you from smoking proper cigarettes. You cannot do both at once.

Clickacig said...

Understandable sentiment that ecigs 'pose a potential danger'... as so does many of the products out in the market. In my opinion, nothing has ever come close to imitating smoking than that of ecigs. I think, they're more worried to the fact that ecig poses a potential danger to their profits. No wonder tobacco industries and other NRT products are exerting efforts to finding the said 'potential dangers'. Oh well, I agree with you though, I also even think that sweating would be an understatement... lol!