Saturday, 11 August 2012

Today's nannying fussbucket: Tory MP, Dan Poulter


The Guardian give this man a whole page to peddle his fussbucketry:

...introducing plain packaging for cigarettes could certainly help to reduce the brand marketing appeal of cigarettes to teenagers, and most importantly, help to stop young people from developing a smoking habit that can only shorten their lives.

There is precisely zero - I mean absolutely none at all - evidence supporting this contention. However, the police think the proposal will make counterfeiting and smuggling (you know Mr Poulter - crime) easier, business and the unions think it will destroy jobs (several hundred of which are in Bradford) and the public see it as a step too far.

And to think that such nanny state nonsense used to be the preserve of Labour and (not so) Liberal MPs. Seems now to be a veritable disease in the Tory party too. To make it worse Mr Poulter prattles on about the Olympics. Perhaps he doesn't remember Shirley Strong winning an Olympic Silver Medal!

The fact that I was not the model athlete - I used to go out, have a good time, have a good laugh - and I smoked - had an effect on how the public felt about me. 

Hey ho!


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