Sunday, 30 September 2012

For the children...


This is beyond stupid. It is deeply wrong and insulting to parents:

"It is with regret that from now on we will be unable to accommodate parents wishing to spectate at our sports fixtures unless they are in possession of an up-to-date Swindon Council CRB check.

"At Isambard we take safeguarding very seriously and because of this we are unable to leave gates open for access to sporting venues at anytime during the school day.

"The current access arrangements are frustrating for both Isambard staff and parents and have recently resulted in reception staff and PE staff being on the receiving end of verbal abuse from parents who have become frustrated trying to get into or out of the school." 

There is absolutely no need at all for this policy. None whatsoever. But we can expect more and more of this as headteachers and governors get ever more panicked over safeguarding issues.


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SadButMadLad said...

I think the school has just shown why rules banning things are a bad thing. When stupid people without any intelligence use the rules to the max then you know that society has lost the plot.

What needs to happen is that the head and governers at the school need to be vilified and shamed and made a laughing stock of so that others do not think about taking a similar course of action.