Monday, 17 September 2012

How the EU would rather smokers died than quit


Perhaps we need to ask why the EU wants to ban the most effective means of tobacco harm reduction. Take snus, for example, this is the result of their widespread use in Sweden:

But consider this: Sweden has the EU's lowest rate of male smoking and consequently the lowest rate of lung cancer and emphysema. The health risks of snus are non existent – perhaps explaining why Sweden also has some of the lowest oral and oesophagal cancer rates in the world.

The EU already ban snus everywhere but Sweden. And now they want to ban e-cigarettes - presumably because they're not made by Pfizer and don't seem to make people kill themselves:

Pfizer make the anti-smoking drug varenicline, marketed in the US as Chantix and Champix in the EU. Endorsed by Action on Smoking and Health, it is associated with mood changes, depression and over 200 suicides. Pfizer are now subject to a class action from victim’s families and there is strong evidence that they suppressed these findings before the Food and Drug Administration licensed it.

There is no evidence at all the e-cigarettes harm anyone - not the user, not the person sat alongside, no-one. Yet the EU proposes to stop them - presumably because they're not made by big pharmaceuticals companies.

It seems that the EU, the anti-smoking lobby and 'Big Pharma' would rather smokers die than let them have access to proven means of reducing harm from smoking. And would rather ban e-cigs than fund studies to confirm that they are effective in reducing harm and in encouraging cessation.



Tony said...

I'm a recent convert to e-cigs, they are absolutely fantastic, and you are right it is all about money: they are not making any money out of them and they don't like that one bit.

Anyhow, if they do ban them I have the PV (Personal Vaper) already and I will make my own juice if needs be. It will still be available from China even if their is a ban, and that is what I shall do. Sick and tired of idiots trying to run my life.

Jonathan Bagley said...

Would it be feasible to get the authors of the EU Tobacco pProducts Directive tried for crimes against humanity were its proposals ever to become law? Banning snus and ecigs will result in many thousands of lung cancer deaths.

marie said...

E-cigarettes are obviously better options than tobacco. Despite the fact that it might still injure the lungs, there is still no scientific and weighty evidence to this premise.