Saturday, 29 September 2012

Now about that cigarette smuggling that isn't increasing...

**** it's starting to grow in Bradford too:

The amount of black market cigarettes smoked on Bradford streets has more than doubled in only one year, claim tobacco industry investigators who raided the city’s bins to gather their evidence.

One-in-five discarded packets were for smuggled cigarettes or were fake brands manufactured for illegal sale – a 100 per cent increase on the results of a similar survey in 2011 which put the figure at 9.5 per cent.

And of course more price increases and plain packs will stop this!

Mind you Labour Councillor Val Slater seems happy to see a load of the folk who elect her lose their jobs - cigarette packaging employs over 1000 people in South Bradford:
The tobacco industry claims Government plans to insist on plain packaging for cigarettes without any complicated logos or artwork will only make things easier for the crooks and gangsters without altering smoking trends.

But Bradford councillor Val Slater (Lab, Royds) who chairs West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee said she doubted that claim: “Personally, I can’t see the logic of that argument, because obviously the criminals are perfectly able to copy what’s out there at the moment,”

The point is Val that plain packs make it even easier and even cheaper to copy. Or did that bit of logic pass you by?



Pat Nurse MA said...

These people are so naive it begs the question of what on earth they are doing in positions of authority? It's not about health. It is about hate and intolerance and a little bit of snobbery too. Get off our backs, we won't quit and they will have to learn to live with us. I'm supporting #Octabber - a whole month for those who enjoy smoking and never want to quit - and for those who don't smoke but will carry the extra tax burden on all the goods they buy if all smokers suddenly quit en masse

JJ said...

"The point is Val that plain packs make it even easier and even cheaper to copy. Or did that bit of logic pass you by?"

Of course that is the whole point, if the packs are easier to make, then more profit is made - guess what - more fakes will be sold.

Anonymous said...

Typical Labour fuckwit!!