Saturday, 8 September 2012

These EU placemen don't like democracy do they?


We know that the European Union has only the most vestigial of connections to democracy. A bit like the old East Germany, the word is bandied around willy-nilly by assorted leaders while they support the suppression of the democratic will by repeating referendums, imposing national leaderships and working to sideline (many would like to ban) political opinions that reject the cosy corporatist technocratic EU status quo.

And this assault on democracy continues. Here's EU placeman and anti-democrat Mario Monti bemoaning that people don't always toe the line:

"There are many manifestations of populism that are aimed at disunity in nearly all the member states," Monti said in a joint news conference with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy at an economic conference in northern Italy.

So Mario wants to hold a meeting in Rome to 'discuss' this dreadful populism (which can be defined as "people voting for candidates the EU disapproves of") and in doing so "foster European integration". I guess it's only a short step to elections being just window dressing rather than the means by which we choose our governments. Or has that already arrived? In which case the 'populism' is understandable and has my support.



Pat Nurse MA said...

You know what they say and it appears to be true - "It doesn't matter which party you vote for the Government always wins".

Sadly the LibLabCons support this stance. They don't care about real deomcracy - only that there is an appearance of it.

They made us that thing Britons said they'd never be - slaves.

You're a good honest bloke Simon who cares about democracy so why are you a Conservative?

Anonymous said...

Pat Nurse does have a good point, Mr Cooke; why are you a Conservative?

I was one, once, but the roll-over-and-tickle-my-tummy attitude that John Major showed at Maastricht changed me. Now, I have a very simple policy at elections, and try to spread the message with other voters - do NOT vote for any of the main three parties (the Raving Monster Loony Party is VERY attractive - I love their version of a cabinet shuffle!).

Radical Rodent