Friday, 26 October 2012

...a reminder of neo-conservatism's curse


Neo-Conservatism, bastard child of the ghastly Kennedy administration in the USA, has a lot to answer for and this is a reminder:

...on the death of George McGovern. The best thing you (Wall Street Journal) could find to say about him is that later in life he learned about the burdens of government regulation of business. But many conservatives and libertarians who love the free market as much as you do also value and praise him for his opposition to the ultimately pointless war in Vietnam. The war was an indirect cause of inflation, price controls and, most importantly, the loss of life of too many Americans (and Vietnamese) of my generation.

Those who know the subject of my first degree will understand that this story - the terrible catastrophe of Vietnam - really matters to me.  Sadly America repeated the mistake - in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya.

Pray god (if there is one still watching) that America won't make the same mistake in Syria or Iran. Or anywhere else for that matter.


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