Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ah that pesky science stuff...


As ever, it proves tricky for the BBC's Health Correspondent. Here's Raedwald explaining:

...the science really 'proves' that a child in North London in a non-smoking house is exposed to over 8x the particulates level of a child in Aberdeen who spends an hour a day in a car with a chain-smoker.

Yet again we're shown how the mere presence of numbers, calculations and that science stuff confuses the hell out of the BBC reporter. Credulously this reporter just reproduces whatever prohibitionist nonsense the nannying fussbuckets want to get across.

One day maybe a BBC health reporter will actually challenge some of the rubbish peddled by public health people. As I said to a colleague on Council today (in a conversation about shisha), it really does public health no favours when its practitioners use pseudo-science, statistical manipulation and, to be blunt, outright lies to make their case.


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