Sunday, 16 December 2012

Doctor know everything...


Including about marketing and pricing strategies:

...citing an article from a medical journal in 2009 by a leading liver specialist which suggested supermarkets were overcharging for food to pay for cheap drink.

This is the Prime Minister - yet again revelling in his ignorance of business. Or rather his minions at No 10 digging him out from the latest hole into which he'd dived. It seems that the PM believes that offers on beer are "subsidised" by more expensive food.

This is nonsense on sticks. For two reasons - firstly we don't go to supermarkets, in the main, to buy drink we go there to buy food and other household necessities. And secondly, the price of X isn't subsidised by the margins on Y - supermarket pricing strategies just don't work like that.

More importantly however, what qualification does a "leading liver specialist" have to talk about the pricing strategies of supermarkets? None whatsoever - I'll take his advice on my liver, maybe on some other doctoring stuff but not in an area where (despite not being a specialist) I know more than he does.

But then 'Doctor know everything', he is mighty god and great know-all.


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