Thursday, 31 January 2013

More evidence that Bradford hasn't got a housing crisis...


Despite what Cllr Slater, chief goader of NIMBYs and Labour's planning lead, says!

The cost of renting a home in Bradford is falling, despite a rise nationally, new figures show.

Over the past year, rents have decreased in Bradford by about 0.3 per cent, or £17 per month, a report by the charity Shelter yesterday revealed.

The figures suggest the district is bucking both regional and national trends, which show rents rising faster than wages.

Despite this - and despite yet another delay to the LDF Core Strategy - Cllr Slater and Labour are still gung ho for building 45,000 houses in Bradford. Houses that, given falling prices, falling rents and over 11,000 houses already planned but not built, the District doesn't need.


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Anonymous said...

It's a long game.
If you build 45,000 houses, at whatever level of the market, the chain-effect means that you actually create 45,000 homes at the bottom level.
Most of those bottom-level homes will be occupied by benefits claimants, thus newly enabled to add Housing Benefit to their portfolio of freebies.
And that translates into a potential of 45,000 locked-in voters.
It's a long game, well played.