Monday, 25 February 2013

Brighton bids for nannying fussbucketry prize!


Brighton, jewel of the south coast, is run by Greens so we should perhaps be less than surprised at the Council's penchant for offensive nannying. However, their latest wheeze is wonderful - not just weapons grade nannying but wholly pointless too:

Contracts to be signed by parents pledging not to give their children alcohol are being considered by authorities in Brighton and Hove.

These will be voluntary contracts making them wholly ineffective. Oh and unenforceable as well! This is because according to the local public health boss (and we know how crap these folk are with statistics) reports that 9% of Brighton's kids have been pissed in the previous month. So leaving aside fibs and childish exaggeration, let's guess at how many of the mums and dads of these young people give a fig about signing any contract. Or, having signed said contract, taking the blindest bit of notice of its strictures.

So the Council sound like officious nannies, a few parents (probably with sober children) sign up to these passive aggressive contracts and the city's feral youth (and their irresponsible parents) carry on as before. A real win in public health terms!


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Anonymous said...

An asylum run by lunatics.