Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Killing off old people to deal with climate change - the real green agenda


The long campaign by the greens and their fellow travellers to raise the cost of heating our homes has resulted in record numbers of old people dying unnecessarily in cold houses.

“We have seen the death rate in the past month alone quadruple since December last year and if the cold weather continues we could be looking at horrendous figures

“At the rate we are going, and if this extreme cold continues we could be looking at 30,000 or more.

“Many elderly health conditions are worsened by cold weather and there is a definite risk of the highest national winter mortality figures since 2008-09.”

Despite this our government is trapped in a hideous and pointless programme of closing down efficient means of energy production and replacing them with more expensive methods. Apparently this will save the planet. I guess the Greens - eugenicists to a man - are only too happy to see a few human casualties in their fanatical pursuit of reducing "carbon".

Don't be fooled by the chaff thrown around by these fanatics - the stuff about evil gas companies or wicked electricity producers from France. These people want higher fuel prices because it's the only way they can get the subsidies for wind, tide, solar and all the other twee green generation methods.

The greens have hobbled nuclear by pretending it's dangerous when it isn't, they've pushed the coal mining business to the brink of closure and they want to prevent the safe, low-cost gas that would come from frakking. And they've shoved up the price of fuel by subsidising inefficient generation.

The result of this is that old people can't afford to heat their homes. And too many of them die because of this policy. Those 30,000 deaths - the greens did that.


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Climate gate III e.g.

How are they going to explain this one away?

Some of it is very suspect practice indeed.