Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Minimum pricing to be shelved" - we're not quite there folks


It's looking more likely that minimum pricing for alcohol - a ghastly piece of health fascism - is to be dropped:

Plans for minimum pricing on alcohol in England and Wales may be dropped because Conservative ministers are split over the proposals. 

Whatever the reason this is good news - the proposal was just another vote-losing attack on the less well off. But we're not yet there - the prohibitionists, fussbuckets, puritans and health fascists will be redoubling their efforts, churning out their lies and half-truths so as to get this 'back on track'.

So let's keep up the pressure, keep saying this is unwarranted, without evidence and punishes the moderate drinker as well as the serious toper.


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Ivan D said...

What is the betting that the spineless Westminster clique drop one unpopular policy and go for an even more dangerous one? For those who feel the need to be seen to do something and have no understanding of the catastrophic consequences, "plain" packaging cigarettes will seem like an easy option to try to appease the lobbyists. That of course will open the floodgates fro graphic health warnings and plain packaging of absolutely anything that the public health fascists don't like.

I am sure that the vast majority of the public would prefer the government to stop using our taxes to prop up Royal Colleges /fake charities /quangos and tell the health lobbyists to **** off.

None of the current public health legislative campaigns has any genuine grass roots support. Unfortunately, modern politicians lack the moral fiber to do what those who elect them want them to. That is one reason why they are despised by the majority.