Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A St George's Day toast to CAMRA


What I hear you say? To that supine bunch who've been suckered into backing the New Puritan, prohibitionist, anti-alcohol campaigns - ostensibly in order to "save the pub"?

It seems the members have given the CAMRA bosses a slap:

First, motion 8, proposed by the Liverpool branches, was passed, apparently without any speakers against.
8. This Conference requires that the Campaign should actively challenge the health lobby’s anti-alcohol statements to give a more balanced view.
Then, after what reportedly was a very lively debate, Motion 19 was passed by 276 votes to 201.
19. This Conference agrees that CAMRA is on the wrong side of the argument over minimum pricing. It instructs the National Executive to withdraw its support for this measure with immediate effect.
Progress indeed - perhaps we'll see all these articles, press releases and statements removed from CAMRA's website?


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George Speller said...

And their pious attitude towards the smoking ban?