Monday, 17 June 2013

Portion control is not the business of local councils...

About the right portion size don't you think?
Let's boss takeaways about then - it'll get us a headline or two and we can claim to be 'doing something' about obesity.

But first about that obesity. They (the Council that is) start with a fib:

Health bosses estimate that about 225,000 adults in the Bradford district are overweight or obese...

Bradford's electorate - as good a proxy for adult population as you can get - is 340,000. Now while there are quite a few overweight people in the Bradford district, I don't believe for a second that two-thirds of the population are overweight. Yet that is what "health bosses estimate". Indeed the actual statistics (from five years ago) had levels at just over 20% for men and 23% for women. But let's make the statistics up - so much simpler than actually using the real figures.

It really is none of the Council's business. While we fretting about keeping old people's homes open, providing children's centres and much else of real value, we really shouldn't be spending scare resources nannying the population about its chubbiness and takeaways about their portion sizes.

I'm with Abbas Ahmed on this:

At Royal’s Balti Restaurant and Fast Food in Great Horton Road, kebabs are sold in large sizes only in all but one flavour.

When asked whether their portions were too large, takeaway worker Abbas Ahmed said: “It’s the right size.”

He said people could have smaller portions if they asked for them. 

Absolutely Abbas - more power to your elbow!



Junican said...

What annoys me is the conflation of 'obese or overweight', which is then followed by claims about the health effects of obesity alone (for all intents etc).
It is about time that someone started to pull these Zealots up about conflation. It is happening more and more and is very damaging to scientific enquiry. The question here which might reasonably be asked is 'how many people are actually grossly obese?', for it is those people who are most at risk, and not the plump and a little on the heavy side.

Anonymous said...

At 52 I still gym but am relatively non heighted - 5' 8" since you ask - but I am borderline obese according to the rubbish Body Mass Index used by the prod noses.

I can bend at the waist and place the palms of my hands on the floor.

How am I borderline obese being able to do that?