Thursday, 10 October 2013

Greg Barker MP, minister...and aspiring autocrat


I first encountered Greg Barker MP when I was a member of the Local Government Association's Regeneration & Transport Board. Greg had popped in to brief the Conservative members of the board on the emerging thoughts (we were still opposition back then) around planning and regeneration.

My recollection is that Greg had absolutely no interest in what we had to say (odd since we were Conservatives actually involved in regeneration and planning) and he then got taken apart by a Kensington & Chelsea councillor for suggesting that most major planning decisions should be made by a national body not councils.

Since then Greg hasn't improved:

‘I’m not trying to ban all dissenting voices but we are doing the public a disservice by treating them as equal, which is not the case.’

They disagree with what I believe, ergo they should be silenced! Delightful.


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