Sunday, 20 October 2013

Well done 'Leeds City Council education bosses' - top nannying fussbucketry!


Terrible I know but some children smoke. We don't want them to smoke, indeed we banned kids from smoking. But still some children smoke:

A school which let pupils as young as 11 smoke in the playground has been ordered to stop the practice.

Leeds City Council education bosses stepped in after learning children at Elmete Central School in Roundhay, Leeds, were allowed to smoke.

Absolutely right! How can this possibly be right - well done 'Leeds City Council education bosses' for stepping in to deal with this situation.

But before you start to cheer ask yourselves why a school might allow children to smoke? Perhaps this has something to do with the reason:

Elmete caters for 75 pupils with educational and behavioural issues.

These children have far bigger problems - be they a lousy home life, mental health problems or behavioural challenges - that need sorting out before we stand a chance of stopping them from smoking. And to stand a chance of getting their lives sorted out, the children need to be on the school premises. So:

It is understood cigarettes were confiscated at the start of the day but returned at break times in an attempt to stop pupils playing truant.

So I guess those kids have gone back to bunking off at lunchtime for a fag (and maybe half a bottle of cider). That's going to help! Well done 'Leeds City Council education bosses'!



Anonymous said...

Not sure we ever actually 'banned kids from smoking' in formal legislation.
It was for many years illegal for them to purchase tobacco products under 16 years of age, that was then increased to 18, but it has never been an offence for anyone under those ages to engage in the act of smoking tobacco products.

SadButMadLad said...

It's like stopping mentally disturbed people from smoking in their hospitals. It suits the souls of the nannying fussbuckets but it doesn't do anything for the patients. In fact it could be more harmful.