Saturday, 14 December 2013

Diana Carney - another eco-authoritarian arrives to lecture us


The eco-folk love a bit of middle-class judgementalism:

While she admits she is tempted by low prices she argues people should be “paying more” and “consuming less” as current clothes production is causing a “trail of devastation” in the communities where cheap cotton is grown. 

Got that folks - you should be buying organic stuff certified by the woo-merchants at the Soil Association. And, into the bargain, destroying the jobs of a whole load of poor people in places like Bangladesh, Vietnam and Egypt.

I do so wish that millionaire pseudo-celebrities like Mrs Carney would stop offering this false solution to the rest of us - the solution that things should cost more money. By all means indulge in some sort of cod, frugality, revel in your right-on greeniness and force the rest of your family to live with your warped ideas - but can you refrain from thrusting this nonsense at the rest of us. And especially stop implying that your so-called morals - this green nonsense - are better than those of others who chose to shop at Primark.

And Mrs Carney should also bear in mind that she has a choice - loads of money makes that possible. For many people out there, cheap clothes are the only choice.


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