Friday, 13 December 2013

Some Councillors just don't get it - the case of York's leader and his deputy


The leader and deputy leader of York City Council appear to dislike the publics' opinions:

A report brought before City of York Council’s audit and governance committee at the request of leader Coun James Alexander and his deputy, Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing, this week recommended speakers should not criticise the authority’s officials, should avoid “party political” and “frivolous” points and should ensure anything they say is “factually correct”. 

As it happens the committee wisely sent the document straight back to this couple of oversensitive political leaders with some choice word. But the question is whatever possessed them to propose gagging public comment and cuffing the prerogative of meeting chairmen?

This is from the same book as banning fair reporting, stopping photography and preventing filming - all things that self-important councillors have done in recent times.

We really should stop trying to make out that we are so grand that any criticism of our actions, debates or decisions must be prevented.


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