Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A nannying fussbucket New Year message from Barrow - the Booze ID card


Expect to hear more of this as the Church of Public Health latches on to it:

A BOOZE ID for Barrow residents which records alcohol purchases is among the suggestions in a special report into drinking.

Under the recommendations, everyone in Barrow would receive the personal alcohol ID card when they turn 18 and would need to produce it regardless of age.

A data trail would be kept of all booze bought, including where, when, what and how much.

We could re-name it the 'Alcohol Ration Card' - you wouldn't be able to buy once you've passed your daily allowance!

Ghastly little fascists.



Junican said...

Happy new year to you, sir.
I suppose that things need to get much worse before enough people have been antagonised to get rid of the zealots and replace the fellow-travelling politicians.
Public health is turning out to be a virulent, contagious disease. A big dose of castor oil is recommended.

Anonymous said...

I live in Dalton, about 4 miles from Sunny Barrow, but I know Barrow only too well. I have had thousands of nights out in "t'Big City", and can count on one hand the amount of violent occurences I have been involved in. (The worst was when I sought to stop a fight and got full punched in the face. By a Mancunian asshole.) Barrow used to be famous for having a pub on every corner, not sure that's true now. I have been told that it used to have one of the highest pubs to population ratios anywehere in the country... One thing is: Barrow pubs aren't built with regard to outside users; ie, they dont have beer gardens and the like. Smokers have to stand by the door, in almost all cases.

Anyway, I went out twice in 2013. In early Feb me and a mate ended up in the Crossed Keys, a fav old haunt of mine going back to the 80s. No smoking in there, naturally, so we would take our beers to the door and place them on a high shelf in the doorway and smoke and chat with all the other smokers. The Keys was bouncing that night, and a good laugh was had by all, even if we were exiled outside..... Come December, the Friday before Xmas, apparently now known as Black Eye Friday, I did the same, and with the same mate. We went to the Keys. It was bouncing. Good atmosphere. Went outside, no shelf for beer. There is now, apparently, no drinking outside at all. By Council decree, or some such. Sigh.

Oh, and the Wetherspoons pub has a corale by the door, where the doormen usher filthy smokers to stand, without their beers. One young man I saw argued that he was merely standing in the street, smoking... to the confusion of dimwitted bouncer....


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Cooke

Happy New Year and thank you for your good work during 2013.

It seems like another Stoney Stratford moment is coming. Perhaps the powers that like to think they be have decided to try this latest experiment in livestock control in an out of the way place like Barrow to limit the likelihood of a national protest. They have also tried to pretend it's all the idea of the locals, though admitting that they selected the participants.

Roll on the day when the people wake.

I hope it's soon.