Tuesday, 7 January 2014

No Platform for Smokers!


You know you're a pariah when you can't go on a platform to make your case - so it is with smokers' rights champion, Simon Clark:

However, a number of our speakers, some of whom are directly linked to the Welsh Government have stated that they are no longer able to speak at the seminar if you were to participate. As I stated it is usual for the Forum to include a range of divergent opinions amongst speakers, however on this occasion we feel that in fairness to delegates that have registered to attend based on a programme that includes these speakers it would be unfair and impractical to continue the seminar without their involvement.

Simply because Simon was on the same bill these speakers - or enough of them to worry the organisers - refuse to participate and the smokers; rights case (whatever we make think of it) isn't heard.

So speakers at the conference in question are free to exclude smokers, to treat them as filthy pariahs and to denigrate their choice while denying anyone the opportunity to defend their choice.

As I said - No Platform for Smokers!


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