Saturday, 1 February 2014

Friday Fungus: tobacco paranoia

Imagine the shock! You peel back the cling film from that box or healthy, organic mushrooms and there in full view is the most poisonous thing on the planet:

A father-of-four was left disgusted after his wife discovered a cigarette inside a packet of mushrooms.

These weren't cooked mushrooms you understand but the raw ones. So I'm guessing that the complaining father-of-four would be washing and cooking said fungal delights. In which case there is precisely zero risk from the presence of the evil cigarette.

As it stands the complaining father-of-four has done rather nicely - reimbursement (enough to buy another, almost certainly cigarette-free, box of mushrooms) and the offer of a free trip to see the grower, a great chance to take those four kids on a fun outing to a mushroom farm!

But then it was a cigarette - but for his attention the four children could be dying of lung cancer by now!

PS I know it's not Friday.

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