Friday, 31 January 2014

'They don't have right to tells us what we can feed our son' - more school-based health fascism


Schools are getting ever more assertive about the contents of lunchboxes but this particular piece of health fascism from Colnbrook C of E Primary School near Slough rather takes the biscuit:

A six-year-old boy who went to school with a bag of Mini Cheddars in his packed lunch has been suspended for four days after teachers said it contravened its healthy eating policy.

That's right folks, this school deprived a six-year-old of four days education because his mum put some snack biscuits in his lunchbox.

And the school's excuse, you wonder?

'We cannot talk about individual circumstances, but there is one family who are not prepared to support the policy.

'We are in discussions with them about how we move it forward. We have excluded [the pupil] for four days due to lack of support for the policy.

'It is to avoid putting the children in a difficult situation. If the policy is not being abided by, then that potentially harms that pupil.'

We get the classic line of refusing to comment 'on individual cases' and a reiteration of the ghastly fascism of this food policy. The scale of ignorance about nutrition and belief that the school can railroad over parental choice in such a cavalier manner makes this an exceptional piece of crass nannying fussbucketry.


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JuliaM said...

It's only February. I'm pretty sure some school, somewhere, will top this before June rolls around!